A Closer Look at Titanium Implants

Oral surgeons have a few types of dental implants they might use, but the titanium implant is the most common choice. This is because they are associated with optimal preservation of bone density, and ...
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How Can Impacted Teeth Cause Malocclusion?

Wisdom teeth tend to erupt during adolescence or early adulthood. But quite often, they erupt improperly or they get stuck under the gum tissue. This is known as tooth impaction, and it can have ...
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Why Dental Implants Might Fail and How to Prevent It

When the procedure is performed by a skilled oral surgeon, dental implants have a high rate of success. But sometimes, problems do occur. Before getting dental implants, talk to a specialist in San ...
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Potential Complications of Impacted Teeth

Not everyone’s wisdom teeth in San Diego grow in impacted, but you should know what it might mean if yours do. If you or your dentist notice that your wisdom teeth are growing in impacted, you ...
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Could Tooth Loss Affect Dementia Risk?

We know that oral health and overall health are linked in a handful of different ways, which is why you should consider how your dental hygiene impacts your quality of life. Senior citizens are more ...
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Why and How to Quit Smoking Before Dental Implant Surgery

No matter how long you’ve been using tobacco, quitting smoking can still improve your health. If you’re planning on seeing your dentist about dental implants in San Diego, consider using ...
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What is a Mucocele?

Not every bump or sore that shows up in your mouth is necessarily a reason to see the emergency dentist in San Diego, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Certain types of bumps and cysts may ...
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FAQs and Answers About Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

If you have missing teeth, dental implants offer one of the best replacement solutions. Although the process takes longer than getting dentures, many patients are pleased with the natural look and ...
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The Patient's Guide to IV Sedation

If you need dental implants or another oral surgery procedure, there is no reason for you to feel nervous and uncomfortable during the process. IV sedation ensures your comfort throughout your ...
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What Is an Impacted Tooth?

If your tooth does not push through the gum or is under the bone in your jaw, it is called an impacted tooth. Teeth become impacted for a number of different reasons. The wisdom teeth in particular ...
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