Getting Ready for Your First Visit to the Oral Surgeon

Getting Ready for Your First Visit to the Oral Surgeon San Diego Your first visit to an oral surgeon is an important one. During this visit, you’ll have a consultation during which your condition will be explained and your treatment options will be covered. You will also make a plan for treatment and learn what to expect from the process. Your first visit is a great time to ask questions and address concerns you have about your care. You will get the most from your visit if you come prepared. Listed below are a few tips for getting ready to visit your oral surgeon serving San Diego.

Start by gathering the information necessary for your appointment. You will need your oral surgery referral slip, a copy of your X-rays, a list of your current medications, and your insurance information. It may also be helpful to create a list of questions. During the consultation, your oral surgeon may want to perform additional X-rays or a CT scan to help with diagnosing your condition and planning your treatment. While it’s sometimes possible to have oral surgery the same day, your procedure will likely be scheduled for a future date during your consultation.