Determining When It’s Time to Schedule a Wisdom Tooth Removal

The size and shape of your mouth affects how well your wisdom teeth can fit in your jaw when they finally start to emerge from the gums. Some people have plenty of space for these teeth. Most people, however, experience some spacing issues that might require the oral surgeon to perform a wisdom teeth removal . Keep reading for help figuring out when to decide if you need to have your teeth extracted:

You Have a Lot of Pain
If there is enough room for your wisdom teeth, you will experience very minimal discomfort as they start to grow in. If you do not have the space, though, these teeth might not emerge completely. They could also become impacted or even start to grow in sideways. When the wisdom teeth cannot grow in straight, it often causes significant pain in your mouth. If you are experiencing pain, you might want to schedule a consultation with an oral surgeon serving San Diego to see if you need an extraction.

You Have Damage to Nearby Teeth
Spacing issues can also cause problems for the teeth that are already in your mouth. As the wisdom teeth start to emerge, they might push the other teeth out of alignment and negatively affect your entire bite. If you feel like your other teeth are affected by your wisdom teeth, your best option is to get these new teeth removed from your mouth.

You Have Significant Decay or Gum Disease
Impacted teeth are extremely hard to clean, which puts you at a higher risk for dealing with tooth decay and gum disease. Without the proper treatment, these oral health issues can get much worse and might eventually lead to tooth or bone loss. As soon as your wisdom teeth start to emerge from your gums, you should schedule a consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon so he or she can help you decide if your wisdom teeth will eventually cause problems in your mouth.