• Inside the Dental Implant Procedure

    Dental implants can help you conquer your missing teeth problems. If you and your oral surgeon have decided that dental implants are the right solution for your missing teeth, you will probably have to visit the oral surgery center twice.

    On the first visit, the oral surgeon puts a titanium screw into the gum. This implant needs about 4-6 months to heal. Once the implants have fused with the jawbone, you can return to the oral surgeon to get your permanent dental crown or crowns put into place. You can learn more about the procedure in this video.

    The first step toward getting your dental implants is to find the right oral surgeon serving San Diego. Once you have a surgeon that you can trust, you can start the process of getting your implants put into place to restore the aesthetics of your smile.

  • A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants

    If you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants can help you restore the aesthetic appeal and the function of your smile. Use this guide to learn more about dental implants and how they can help with your oral issues.

    The Implant and the Replacement Tooth
    A dental implant is a titanium screw that a dentist can insert beneath the gum line to serve as the foundation for a replacement tooth. Once the implants are in place and the gums have had time to heal, the dentist can insert a permanent crown. Patients who have lost teeth from periodontal disease, trauma to the face, or other reasons could benefit from this procedure. If you have good oral and overall health and enough gum tissue and bone left in your mouth, you might make a good candidate for dental implants.

    The Procedure
    It usually takes two separate procedures to get the implants into place to serve as the foundation for the dental crowns. During the first procedure, the dentist places the implants into the bone and covers them with temporary crowns. You must give the implants a few months to heal so they can fuse with the bone. Most people eat a soft diet during this time. Once the implant has successfully bonded with the jaw, the dentist can attach an abutment to the implants onto which the replacement teeth are placed.

    Life with Dental Implants
    If you maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine and schedule regular visits with your dentist, your dental implants should provide a permanent solution for your missing teeth. You should brush and floss daily to decrease your risk for periodontal disease and enjoy full function of your dental implants.

    Dental implants could be the right option for your missing teeth issues. Find a qualified oral surgeon serving San Diego to talk about your oral health issues and determine whether dental implants will provide the solution that you need.

  • Dr. William Hendrix – Memorial Service

    April 9, 2014

    It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the passing of our great friend and colleague Dr. William Hendrix. On Wednesday, April 8, 2015, he lost his battle with cancer and passed peacefully with his family by his side at his ranch home in Jamul.

    Dr. Hendrix joined his former partners, Dr. Sheldon Brockett and Dr. Frank Pavel, Sr., in 1971. For 39 years he not only provided excellent patient care but held dear friendships with many of you and your patients before retiring from our Practice in 2010.

    A memorial service celebrating his life will be held on Sunday, April 19 th at 3:30pm at the First United Methodist Church of San Diego at 2111 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego. A reception will immediately follow at the Trellis Garden in the Town and Country Resort at 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego.

    Dr. William Hendrix is survived by his wife Donna, son Blair, daughter Karri, and six grandchildren. He was a loving father, grandfather, business partner, cowboy and friend. He will be sadly missed by us all and remain always in our hearts.


    Dr’€™s Pavel, Eckstein, Oleksy & Gile and Staff

    *In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the McGrath Family YMCA for the enrichment of the teen center. Donations can be sent to the East County YMCA, Attn: Linda Griffith, 8881 Dallas St. La Mesa, CA 91942

    Remember Dr. William Hendrix

  • Spotlight on The Center for Oral and Facial Surgery

    Whether you need oral surgery to correct a missing tooth or cosmetic injections to improve your appearance, The Center for Oral and Facial Surgery is here to provide you with some of the best services in the San Diego area. Keep reading to learn more about the surgery center and the services it can offer you.

    Thanks to Dr. Pavel, Dr. Eckstein, Dr. Oleksy, Dr. Gile, and our amazing staff, we can offer our patients some of the top oral surgery options in San Diego. With a state-of-the-art office, we help you get the procedures you need to maintain the aesthetics, function, and health of your teeth and gums.

    Whether you are looking to replace missing teeth with dental implants or you need a wisdom tooth extraction, The Center for Oral and Facial Surgery has the oral health services you need. Come in today for a consultation and our winning team will decide how to fix your issues and give you a smile of which you can be proud.

    Team at Center for Oral & Facial Surgery

  • A Look at the Amazing Benefits of Botox Injections

    An oral surgeon provides services that can benefit more areas than just your teeth and gums. With Botox injections, you can diminish the signs of fine lines and wrinkles in the face to knock years off of your appearance. Keep reading to learn more about this and the other benefits that Botox cosmetic can offer. A Look at the Amazing Benefits of Botox Injections San Diego

    Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    Making different facial expressions, laughing, crying, and frowning can all cause lines and wrinkles that prematurely age your face. If you want to restore a youthful appearance without getting surgery, cosmetic injections can help. Botox injections freeze the muscles in the face to prevent further lines and reduce the appearance of the ones that already exist. After a quick visit with your oral surgeon, you can leave the office looking younger. With repeat visits a couple of times throughout the year, you can maintain these results.

    Decrease the Pain of Migraines
    Doctors can also use Botox injections to decrease migraines. Medical experts think that the Botox can actually block the sensory nerves that transmit feelings of pain to the brain. The product can also relax the muscles so they are less susceptible to feeling the effects of the pain of the headache. If you suffer from frequent migraines, you should ask your oral surgeon about the benefits of Botox injections for your condition.

    Get Rid of Excessive Sweat Problems
    Botox provides a real solution for people with hyperhidrosis, which is a condition that causes excessive sweat. Just one visit to the oral surgeon can get you a Botox injection that relieves the symptoms of hyperhidrosis for a few months at a time.

    Whether you want to get rid of wrinkles, find relief from migraines, or reduce problems with sweating, your oral surgeon can give you cosmetic injections like Botox in San Diego. Schedule an appointment to discuss the injections with your oral surgeon so you can start to enjoy these benefits.