Exploring Common Misconceptions About Dental Implants

Dental implants are ideal for patients who want permanent solutions for missing teeth. A dental implant is a tiny titanium screw that is surgically implanted underneath the gum and acts just like a natural tooth root. An oral surgeon in San Diego may recommend a single dental implant or multiple dental implants, depending on how many teeth you are missing, your medical history, and your particular needs and goals. Dental implants can be covered with various prosthetic devices, including a dental crown or dental bridge. Keep reading to learn more about common misconceptions about dental implants.

Dental implants

Placing dental implants is a painful procedure.

Many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of visiting their oral surgeon for dental implants because they believe the surgery is incredibly painful. Just like with any surgery, placing dental implants requires a bit of recovery time. However, almost all patients find dental implant surgery to be no more uncomfortable than a basic tooth extraction. Additionally, as with any oral surgery, you will have a wide range of anesthesia options from which to select.

Dental implants can fall out.

Another common myth about dental implants is that they will simply fall out. In fact, when properly cared for, dental implants can last for the rest of your life. While dental implants that fail to bond with the jawbone may become loose over time, a highly qualified oral surgeon will make sure you have enough healthy jawbone before performing dental implant surgery. If tooth loss has caused your jawbone to disintegrate, your surgeon will discuss your options for a bone graft so your dental implants have a sturdy base.

Anyone can place dental implants.

While placing dental implants is a routine surgery, that is only the case if you are already working with an oral surgeon who has years of experience in the field. Whether you need a single dental implant covered by a crown or dental implants covered by a dental bridge, you deserve to work with an oral surgeon who has extra training and expertise in placing dental implants.