Exploring Your Options for Prostheses for Missing Teeth

Are you considering getting dental implants near San Diego ? If you have missing teeth, a dental implant can improve your smile, make daily tasks easier, and promote dental health. When it comes to dental implant prostheses, you have several different options based on the size and location of your missing tooth or teeth. Keep reading to learn more about some prostheses options that could work for you.


Single Tooth Implant Prosthesis

Even if you only have one missing tooth, a dental implant can make a difference in your daily life and oral health. A single tooth dental implant is attached directly to the jawbone, providing support for the jawbone and preventing its recession. Then, a single crown is attached on top of the implant. The implant will fill in the gap in your teeth using a natural-looking prosthesis so that you can be confident about your smile again.

Fixed Bridge

If you have two or more adjacent teeth missing, you may consider a fixed dental bridge. A fixed bridge is cemented into place and may be attached to implants on either side or even in the center of the bridge in order to stabilize it. The number of dental implants you will require for a fixed bridge depends on how large the gap in your teeth is. A fixed bridge is easy to maintain and can be a good long-term solution for those who are missing several teeth.

Complete Prosthesis

Many patients assume that conventional dentures are the only option for those who no longer have their natural teeth. However, a complete prosthesis using dental implants is an option that provides more stability and durability than traditional dentures. A complete prosthesis can be completed using a ball and socket or bar attachments that act as the foundation for the restoration. Then, dental implants are inserted into the jaw to secure the prosthesis. The result is a full, natural-looking smile that won’€™t slip or slide when you talk or eat.