Get an Understanding of Gum Disease and Reduce Your Tooth Loss Risk

Has your oral surgeon informed you that you may require dental implants after a tooth extraction in a clinic in San Diego? Are you curious about the types of gum disease? Do you want to know what bacterial biofilms are? Then download the Gingivitis Disease app from Droid Clinic, available for Android devices.

This app is an easy way to compare your signs and symptoms to those that are characteristic of gingivitis the earliest stage of gum disease. You’ll also get the breakdown on the two primary categories of gingival disease, along with their many subcategories. If any of your symptoms are comparable to those listed in this app, be sure to schedule an appointment right away. Remember that visiting your dentist every six months, brushing at least twice daily, and flossing at least once daily are essential steps for reducing your risk of requiring tooth extraction.

Gingivitis treatment in San Diego, CA