Answering Common Questions About Dental Implant Aftercare

A dental implant near San Diego can transform your oral health and give you a smile that you can once again feel proud of, but many people feel somewhat nervous before going into this type of procedure. Whether you are undergoing dental implant treatment or a routine tooth extraction, you might have questions about the restoration. It is also essential to understand how to take care of your new restoration to keep it in top shape and ensure that it enjoys a long and efficient working life. Read on if you are interested in answering common questions about dental implant aftercare.


What kind of diet should I follow?

After undergoing any kind of dental procedure or restoration, you should be cognizant of the foods and drinks you choose to consume. You will likely receive a local anesthetic to numb the area during your dental implant treatment, so you should wait until the numbing effects subside before eating any food. In the meantime, stay away from hot drinks and stick to cold beverages. You should also stay away from hard foods during this time period to make the healing process as easy as possible.

How do I know if there’€™s a problem?

The risk of complications from a dental implant procedure is very unlikely but you should know when to contact your surgeon after your procedure. In rare cases, you may experience damage to the nerves that manifests as tingling and numbness. This is usually due to temporary ‘€œbruising’€ and resolves itself quickly. While highly unlikely, you could also experience sinus problems and injury to neighboring teeth. Talk to your dentist if you notice any of these issues.

Dental implant treatment is considered safe and effective, but the quality of the procedure depends on the skill and experience of your dental professional. Doctors Eckstein, Oleksy and Gile are all board certified oral surgeons with extensive training in the placement of dental implants. Feel free to call our office for a complementary consultation to find out more about the process.

How do you clean dental implants?

Just like any other dental restoration, it’€™s important that you take care of your dental implants. Be sure to brush your natural teeth and your dental implants twice each day. In addition, floss in between them every day. Remember to keep your dental appointments for optimal care.