A Brief Look at Maxillofacial Bone Injuries

Maxillofacial surgery in San Diego may be necessary for a wide range of maxillofacial injuries. This special kind of oral surgery is required whenever bones in the face are broken or fractured in an accident or injury.

Maxillofacial surgery for bone injuries is highly dependent on an individual patient. Before your surgery, your maxillofacial surgeon will schedule a consultation to determine your treatment. The surgical procedure will be determined by the location of the fracture, the severity of the break in the bone, and your age, medical history, and overall health. In general, facial fractures are treated just like fractures in other parts of the body. However, bodily fractures are initially set with a cast. Of course, a cast cannot be placed on the face, so your maxillofacial surgeon will rely on different methods to stabilize the broken bones. To treat facial trauma of the jaw, your surgeon may wire your jaws together. He or she may also place small plates or screws at the fracture site. Regardless of the treatment, the overall goal is to allow the fracture to heal with as little alteration as possible to a patient’€™s facial appearance.

Maxillofacial surgery