The Importance of Early Recognition of Impacted Eye Teeth

When a tooth is impacted, it is stuck and unable to erupt into a healthy and functional position in the jaw. Impaction is a common problem for wisdom teeth because there is often too little space for them in the jaw, so oral surgeons in San Diego frequently advise tooth extraction for these. After wisdom teeth, the second most common teeth to become impacted are the maxillary cuspids, which are also referred to as upper eye teeth. These teeth play a critical role in a healthy bite, so diagnosing impaction early on is important for the patient’s oral health.

The eye teeth are strong biting teeth, have the longest roots of all human teeth, and are usually the last adult teeth to come in. Eye teeth usually erupt around age 13, but if one becomes impacted, it’s important to take action for the sake of the individual’s dental arch. To help ensure that impacted eye teeth can come in properly, the American Association of Orthodontists advises that children receive X-rays and a dental exam around age 7.

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