Tips for Talking to Your Oral Surgeon About Your Dental Care Phobia

Despite the many ways in which dental care professionals can help keep patients comfortable during their treatment, fears about visiting the dentist are not uncommon. If you feel anxious about your upcoming appointment with your oral surgeon in San Diego , then continue reading for tips on speaking with him about your dental care phobia. oral - surgeon

Consider the Cause

You already know that you don’t like visiting the dentist because of the fear and the anxiety that you feel. However, thinking about what exactly triggers your phobia may help you and your oral surgeon come up with ways to address it. Commonly, dental care phobias begin with a single bad experience at the dentist, usually one that occurred during childhood. Consider what makes you most anxious about going to the dentist and speak with your oral surgeon about possible solutions.

Develop a System

Feeling out of control during their treatment is one reason why many individuals with dental care anxiety feel fear about visiting their dentist or oral surgeon. If this sounds like you, then speak with your dental care professional about using a system of communication while your teeth are being worked on, such as a simple hand signal or two that mean you need a break or have a question.

Remember to Communicate

Often, patients delay dental treatment because of their anxiety about being in the dentist chair and their reluctance to speak about it with their dental care professional. Communicating openly is critical when it comes to discussing your dental care phobia with your oral surgeon. For this reason, you may benefit from writing down a list of questions or concerns that you have prior to your appointment. Do not hesitate to speak about these issues with your oral surgeon. One topic that you should consider bringing up is what options are available for sedation. Today, many dental professionals offer solutions for helping patients stay relaxed throughout their appointment.