How Can Impacted Teeth Cause Malocclusion?

Wisdom teeth tend to erupt during adolescence or early adulthood. But quite often, they erupt improperly or they get stuck under the gum tissue. This is known as tooth impaction, and it can have adverse consequences for your oral health, including malocclusion. The potential for wisdom teeth impaction is one reason why family dentists take X-rays regularly. These allow the dentist to identify potential problems and refer the patient to an oral surgeon near San Diego. Taking the impacted teeth out can prevent malocclusion and other complications, such as oral abscesses.

Malocclusion refers to an improper alignment of the teeth. It’s why so many people get braces to straighten their teeth. There are many causes and risk factors of malocclusion. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause misalignments because they can erupt at an undesirable angle toward the adjacent teeth. This causes the adjacent teeth to shift from their normal position. By getting the wisdom teeth removed, patients will be more likely to preserve a comfortable bite pattern.

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