• Coping with Pain After Multiple Tooth Extractions

    What to Expect After Multiple Tooth Extractions San Diego

    After having multiple teeth extracted, it’€™s important to follow the advice of your oral surgeon so you can have a smooth recovery. Although the process of removing several teeth is not different from that of removing a single tooth, you may need longer to recover. Here is a look at what to expect from this kind of oral surgery in San Diego.

    Some bleeding is normal after the procedure. You can place gauze over the area and apply gentle pressure for 30 minutes, or apply a moist tea bag to the area. Keep your head elevated to discourage excessive bleeding. Oral surgeons recommend using ice for only the first 36 hours and applying the packs continuously while awake. Take over-the-counter pain medication for mild discomfort or any pain medication prescribed by your oral surgeon for more intense pain. Always check the bottle for your recommended dose. If your pain worsens or does not subside after two days, contact your oral surgery office and schedule a consultation with your oral surgeon.  If you have been prescribed antibiotics, always finish the entire dose, even if your symptoms have subsided. Drink plenty of liquids and stick to a soft food diet until you are comfortable chewing. Report intense pain to your oral surgeon right away, as this could be a symptom of an infection.

    Oral surgeons in San Diego often recommend teeth extractions to preserve patients’€™ oral health and aesthetic appearance. While wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction may initially seem like daunting surgeries, new developments in modern oral surgery have minimized pain and recovery time.