• FAQs About Implant-Supported Dentures

    ¬†Upper and lower dentures are held in place in different ways. Upper dentures have the benefit of forming a natural seal, created by suction, with the roof of the mouth. This isn’t available for lower dentures, and so they have developed an unfavorable reputation for shifting around, being uncomfortable, and causing mouth sores. If you have a problematic lower denture, or you’re simply worried about it falling out while you’re talking to someone, consider visiting an implant dentist serving San Diego to discuss whether tooth implant-supported dentures are a good choice for you.

    Are the dentures fixed or removable? Implant supported dentures San Diego, CA

    Implant-supported dentures may be permanently attached to the implants. These are not removed each night, and are cleaned within the mouth. It’s also possible to have removable dentures supported by dental implants.

    If the dentures can be permanent, why not replace all of the teeth with implants?

    Dental implants are a great choice for replacing one or two missing teeth. But for patients with an entire arch of missing teeth, installing an implant to replace each natural tooth can be prohibitively expensive. The surgery is also far more extensive, and there may be a higher risk of complications. This is why specialists often recommend implant-retained dentures instead.

    How many implants will I need?

    To replace a full arch with a retained denture, patients will need at least two implants, but possibly three or four. Your surgeon will design your treatment plan based on medical factors that are unique to you.

    remove-we don’t really recommend this type-What are ball-retained dentures?

    There are two main approaches for implant-supported dentures, including the ball-retained method. This is essentially a ball-and-socket feature. On top of each implant is a small ball. These structures correspond with sockets placed along the denture, allowing the denture to simply snap in place. It’s an ideal choice for patients who need to replace the upper arch of teeth, but want an open upper palate design.

    What are bar-retained dentures?

    remove -This is the second method of attachment. A small metal bar is attached to the top of the implants. It extends along the gum line. Instead of the ball-and-socket design, the denture is placed on the metal bar and held in place with attachments, such as clips.