• Say Goodbye to Slipping Dentures [INFOGRAPHIC]

    One concern every patient has when they get dentures is how they fit. Poorly fitted dentures can slip, which causes embarrassment and painful gum friction. Likewise, to avoid denture slips, wearers often have to restrict their diets and avoid biting into crunchy foods like apples and corn on the cob. Now, patients have a solution: implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are attached via titanium screws implanted into the jaw during oral surgery so that they stay firmly in place. Thanks to the secure nature of these dentures, patients no longer have to worry about slips or avoid favorite foods to keep their dentures in place. Learn more about implant-supported dentures in this infographic from the Center for Oral & Facial Surgery . Talk to an oral surgeon in San Diego at our practice to see if implant-supported dentures could be the right choice for you, and please share this information so others know about this solution to tooth loss.

  • A Patient’s Guide to Impacted Teeth [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Impacted teeth are teeth that don’t erupt through the gum as expected. Impacted wisdom and canine teeth are most common, and both usually require treatment. Wisdom tooth removal is the usual treatment when those teeth are impacted. Under local or general anesthesia, an oral surgeon opens up the gums, removes the tooth, and sutures the gum tissue back together. For an impacted canine tooth, extraction is not an option, because canine teeth are too important for chewing. Instead, an oral surgeon will start by removing any leftover baby teeth, extraneous adult teeth, or growths that could be blocking eruption. If that doesn’t work, the oral surgeon will work together with an orthodontist to coax the impacted canine tooth into place. The Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, a practice providing oral surgery in San Diego , takes a closer look at impacted teeth in this infographic. Please help other patients dealing with impacted teeth learn about treatment options by sharing this information.

    Infographic on A patient’s guide to impacted teeth