Missing Teeth Solutions for patients in San Diego and El Cajon

In modern dentistry, dental implants are considered the optimal treatment for tooth loss, which can create a wide range of problems without some type of restoration. While dental implants do have a more extensive treatment process than other restorations, they are the most permanent and reliable form of restoration available. With dental implants, you may replace just a single tooth or restore your whole smile without the frustration of removable dentures. At the Center for Oral & Facial Surgery in San Diego, we specialize in dental implants to provide our patients with exceptional care, superior aesthetics, and long-lasting restorations.

Dental Implant Prostheses

There are several different prostheses used for dental implants, depending on the size of the area requiring treatment. Below, you can see the differences between these prostheses, which are all offered by our practice.

  • Single tooth – When replacing a single tooth with a dental implant, a single crown will be placed over its own implant, which attaches directly to the jawbone.
  • Fixed bridge – In cases where two or more adjacent teeth are missing, a fixed bridge may be attached to implants on either side of the bridge. If the bridge is covering a larger area, a third central implant may be needed for added stability.
  • Complete prosthesis – Dental implants can be an alternative to conventional dentures for patients who are without their natural teeth. With a complete prosthesis, ball and socket or bar attachments will provide the base for the surface restoration. With this design, there will be several implants placed along the upper and lower jaw to hold the prostheses in place.

Implant Placement

In addition to various types of prostheses, dental implants provide flexibility with the placement of the implant itself. Endosteal implants that attach directly to the jawbone are more common, since they offer the most durability and preservation of the bone tissue. There are also many different sizes of dental implants that can accommodate each patient’s unique anatomy.

Surgical Considerations

In cases where the jaw is unable to support implants, bone graft procedures may be necessary. Extensive bone grafting may use donor tissue from a patient’s own jaw, hip, or tibia, and surgery will be an inpatient procedure with a fairly long recovery.

To understand the best options for your surgical care with dental implantscall the Center for Oral and Facial Surgery at (619) 299-3320. With offices in San Diego and El Cajon, our team provides comprehensive restorative care for all types of smiles.