What Are the Common Causes of Facial Trauma?

If you’€™ve experienced facial trauma near San Diego, you may require an oral surgeon to perform maxillofacial surgery . A variety of different incidents can cause facial trauma. Injuries related to facial trauma are typically divided into three categories: soft tissue injuries, which affect the skin and dental gums; bone injuries, which involve fractured or broken bones; and special-region injuries, which affect the eyes, nerves, or glands. Read on to learn some of the common causes of these types of facial injuries.


Vehicle Crashes

Vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of facial trauma, and victims of automobile accidents often require maxillofacial surgery to correct trauma. In order to reduce the risk of facial trauma as a result of a vehicle crash, it’€™s important to always wear your seatbelt when you are a driver or passenger in a car. In addition, motorcycle drivers and passengers should always wear helmets to prevent facial and head injuries that can result from motorcycle crashes.

Sports Injuries

Facial trauma can also occur as a result of sports injuries. A variety of different sports can put players at risk for facial trauma. Players of sports that make use of flying balls, such as baseball and golf, are at risk of a ball going out of control and hitting them in the face. Sports in which players have contact with each other are also known to lead to facial trauma. Football, wrestling, and boxing are three prime examples. Sports participants should be sure to protect their faces by using the proper equipment for their sports, such as helmets and mouth guards.

Injuries Resulting from Weapons

Victims of assault can experience facial trauma as a result of blows to the face from crude weapons such as clubs or bats. Gunshots can also cause facial trauma. Finally, explosive weapons used in war, including grenades, land mines, and other bombs, can easily result in facial trauma and impact soldiers and civilians who find themselves in the middle of a warzone.