Spotlight on Fixed Bridge Dental Implant Procedures

In the field of dentistry, dental implants are considered to be the optimal solution for missing teeth. However, this restorative treatment can be used in ways other than simply replacing one missing tooth. Depending on the location and number of missing teeth that a patient has, different types of dental implant restorations can be utilized. If you have missing teeth that are adjacent to one another, then your oral surgeon in San Diego may recommend a fixed bridge dental implant prosthesis .

Traditional dental bridges fill in the gap left by missing teeth using two crowns that are attached to the neighboring teeth, and these crowns hold replacement teeth between them to form a bridge over the gap. A fixed bridge dental implant restoration works in a similar way, but uses dental implants to hold the bridge in place, rather than dental crowns. For patients who have more than a few missing teeth that are adjacent to one another, oral surgeons may add a third dental implant to support the bridge. A fixed bridge dental implant procedure is an excellent way to restore a patient’€™s smile and dental function.

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