Potential Complications of Impacted Teeth

Not everyone’s wisdom teeth in San Diego grow in impacted, but you should know what it might mean if yours do. If you or your dentist notice that your wisdom teeth are growing in impacted, you might experience pain and have them removed. Impacted teeth can also make it difficult to practice proper dental hygiene, which can have a negative impact on your oral health over time. Even your other teeth are at risk if you have impacted wisdom teeth, so you shouldn’t wait to talk to your dentist about treatment. Here’s a closer look at some potential complications of impacted teeth. impacted - teeth

Pain and Discomfort

If your wisdom teeth hurt when they grow in, they may be impacted. However, it’s not just your teeth themselves that might hurt in this case. In addition to pain in the gums around the tooth, you may deal with long-lasting headaches or pain in your jaw. Keep an eye out for swelling in your gums, especially in the area of the impacted tooth, and see your dentist if you notice redness as well. These aches and pains can be tough to deal with, but they might tip you off to your impacted wisdom teeth.

Difficulty Practicing Dental Hygiene

You can’t expect to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health if you can’t take care of your teeth properly. When you deal with impacted teeth, it may become difficult to care for your teeth and gums to an adequate degree. If you can’t reach your impacted wisdom teeth well enough to floss between them or even brush each of their surfaces, you’ll be more susceptible to issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Damaged Natural Teeth

Since impacted teeth don’t properly erupt, it’s probable that they won’t fit the right way amongst your existing teeth. Sometimes impacted wisdom teeth will grow directly into neighboring teeth, which can damage your otherwise healthy teeth. This may also increase your risk for infection as well as compromise the straightness of your smile, so don’t wait to talk to the professionals about treatment for impacted teeth.